Meet the Children

Husseinat’s Cancer Journey

Her journey with cancer began in March 2018. At first, there were no signs that anything is wrong with her,but one thing her mother noticed was a white spot in her eye, she noticed that she was always finding it had to see while playing with her mates.

Few weeks before her diagnosis, she feel sick, her mother noticed a smollen on her left eye and take her to the hospital where she was diagnosed of retinoblastoma ( cancer of the eye).

Husseinat, a very cheery child who loves dancing has been through a lot, she has gone through series of tests and investigations, chemotherapy; shes currently been scheduled for surgery and also considered for radiation.
Her favorite meal is Golden Morn cereal, and cold sweet tea has been through a lot.

She is currently on treatment with support of the Dorcas Cancer Foundation and our hope is to be with through the Journey till she get to survival ground.