Pediatric Radiation Oncology Training

A training program put together to bridge the gap of pediatric oncology practice in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our line-up of expert speakers includes renowned Pediatric Radiation Oncologists from within and outside Africa. The sessions would cover the entire spectrum of Pediatric radiation oncology practice. This continuing education exercise is provided to you free.

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Childhood Cancer Handbook

“People fear what they do not understand” … Andrew Smith.

The word cancer traditionally conjures up images of suffering, pain, and death; and cancer patients can be confronted with tremendous stigma. This book was written to dispel the stigma; answer the questions; and to defeat fear with understanding. It will answer questions that parents and family have about cancer in a child. It will help physicians and healthcare professionals understand what goes on in the patient’s mind and how to talk to them about cancer.

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Look Again Journal

The results of the 1st Phase of our work training of over a thousand primary and community healthcare professionals on Early Detection of cancer in children and adolescents.

Look again 1.0 took place across 3 states in southwest Nigeria and focuses on *Detection* and *Referral* NOT *Diagnosis.