Early detection of paediatric cancer: Equipping primary healthcare workers in Nigeria

The results of the 1st Phase of our work training of over a thousand primary and community healthcare professionals on Early Detection of cancer in children and adolescents.

Look again 1.0 took place across 3 states in southwest Nigeria and focuses on *Detection* and *Referral* NOT *Diagnosis.

Increasing pediatric radiation oncology capacity in sub-Saharan Africa using technology

The shortage of skilled healthcare professionals in pediatric oncology and the limited access to training programs remain significant challenges in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. The the Pediatric Radiation Oncology (Virtual) Course, ‘PedROC’ project aims to contribute to improving pediatric cancer outcomes in Nigeria by increasing the capacity of radiation oncology professionals.

Delayed referral and treatment of pediatric cancer in Nigeria: Time to stop blaming the victim

Caregiver delay in presentation has been cited as a major contributor to poor prognosis of paediatric cancers in low-middle income countries like Nigeria. This study explored the time duration between onset of symptoms and presentation to healthcare facilities, diagnosis, and referral for specialist care. Methods: Data were compiled from caregivers of newly registered children at a teaching hospital in Nigeria.

Childhood cancer in Nigeria: The effect of a handbook in the experiences of caregivers

Parents of children diagnosed with cancer are handed a frightening diagnosis, with attendant emotional, social, and financial challenges.
They often have many questions that remain unanswered by busy doctors and nurses, who are themselves overwhelmed by the challenges of caring for cancer patients in resource-constrained circumstances.

Childhood Cancer Handbook

“People fear what they do not understand” … Andrew Smith.

The word cancer traditionally conjures up images of suffering, pain, and death; and cancer patients can be confronted with tremendous stigma. This book was written to dispel the stigma; answer the questions; and to defeat fear with understanding. It will answer questions that parents and family have about cancer in a child. It will help physicians and healthcare professionals understand what goes on in the patient’s mind and how to talk to them about cancer.

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