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Pediatric Cancer Access Program (PCAP)

The Pediatric Cancer Access Program (PCAP) is an initiative by The Dorcas Cancer Foundation to bring together stakeholders in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries in an effort to improve access to comprehensive cancer care for children living with cancer in Nigeria.

The Objective of the program is to serve as a bridge that connects children living with cancer to oncology care.

PCAP ensures children diagnosed with cancer have access to uninterrupted treatment, delivered by experts and specialists, in established reputable institutions, using modern equipment and safe medications.

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The Dorcas Cancer Research Grant

The Dorcas Cancer Research Grant is put together to drive and encourage Pediatric Cancer Research in Nigeria. This research will address, report and provide data on the current situation, identifying bottlenecks as well as opportunities and prioritize actions for attaining the milestone in Childhood Cancer.

We have awarded 3 (three) research grantees for the 1st Childhood Cancer Research Grant in Nigeria. Each got 1000 (one thousand) dollars each. We currently have the 2nd Edition ongoing.

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The Look Again Campaign

The Look Again Campaign is designed to engage, enlighten and empower community-level health care professionals and workers, community leaders, members and stakeholders to create awareness, education, and enlightenment about Childhood Cancers in Nigeria.

The Look Again Campaign is a three-pronged approach:

Prong One
Mobilization and involvement of community members across the Local Governments Area in the execution State with creation of awareness and education about childhood cancers with the aim being to destigmatize and demystify cancer.

Prong Two
The second arm of the project is the training of primary health care workers in the Primary Health Care Centers of the said State using our unique curriculum developed by a team of experts and stakeholders including: radiation oncologist, pediatric oncologist, oncology nurse, and community health worker. The training will arm the community-level health workers with simple knowledge and skill for early detection and referral to equipped centers.

Prong Three
The third arm of the project focuses on creating sustainable and straight-forward referral paths that will ensure referrals and reduce the number of patients lost between the primary center and the cancer specialist units/centers.

Over 1500 Community and Primary Health Care Workers trained in Lagos, Ogun state, and the Oyo States. The result of the work done has been published in International Papers and Journals.

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The Pediatric Radiation Oncology Bootcamp (PEDROC)

This is a virtual training/refresher program on pediatric radiation oncology for Nigerian and West African Radiation Oncology professionals. The goal is to address the current realities of childhood cancer and managing its complexity which is key to the management of cancer in children.

So far, we have trained over 250 specialist health care professionals in partnership with experts from institutions in some of the best hospitals in the world.

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Hands of Gold

A Support group forum where psychosocial support, counselling and advice is being given to families dealing with cancer. The meeting is open to any child under 18 years with proof of a cancer diagnosis from any part of the country; accompanied with at least one parent or ward.

Eight (8) Support group meetings so far with over (sixty) 60 families and children living with cancer was given psychosocial support

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The Childhood Cancer Handbook

The Childhood Cancer handbook which is the first of its kind in Nigeria was developed by The Dorcas Cancer Foundation as one of the steps to defeat the monster trying to steal a child’s future. This book was developed with the reader in mind to answer common questions about cancer in children with sections on the different types of Childhood Cancers and their treatment procedures symptoms, rate of incidence, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

We have distributed over 1,000 (one thousand) copies to doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and families of child cancer patients and still counting.

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TDCF Warning Signs Chart/Pamphlet

TDCF Warning Signs chart is a display that illustrates Childhood Cancer symptoms and signs, likewise the pamphlet is a mini book that gives information on childhood cancer.

We have distributed 1000 copies to tertiary hospitals, state hospitals, school clinics, private hospitals, community health centers and religious centers to educate and remind healthcare professionals and the public of the most common signals of Childhood Cancer.

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Ward Renovation Project

Ward Renovation Project is setup in line with our goal to promote prompt and proper care of every child diagnosed with cancer through creating a child-friendly hospital environment in the Pediatric Oncology ward of tertiary hospitals across Nigeria that would positively impact children experience and their health outcomes.

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Basket Of Love

The Basket love is an initiative of The Dorcas Cancer Foundation to create a memorable Christmas experience for children living with cancer. This core aim of this program is to bring joy and laughter of the season on the faces of children and their parents one day a time featuring Nigeria celebrities.

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Consumable Donation Drive

The Consumable donation drive is setup to promote proper and promote treatment of every child diagnosed with cancer in Nigeria through the donation of medical consumables to Pediatrics Oncology wards of tertiary hospitals across Nigeria.

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Dorcas Angel Grant

The Dorcas Angel grant is a bereavement fund created to help a parent who has lost everything. A parent who has lost their child; their source of income and their hope. This grant was born out of the need to support these parents to get back on their feet so as to be able to take care of present needs.

Every year, one parent would be selected amongst others to be a recipient for the grant. All funds raised from this, would be given to the selected parent. This grant cannot bring back their child; we know this. But we hope it can shine a little light in the bleak darkness

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