Funding, critical to fighting childhood cancer – Group

Funding, critical to fighting childhood cancer – Group

A non-governmental organisation, The Dorcas Cancer Foundation, has called on the Federal Government and its agencies to adopt policies that will provide more access to quality healthcare for children living with cancer in Nigeria.

Speaking in commemoration of the 2018 World Cancer Day in Lagos at an event that brought donors and partners together, founder of the organisation, Dr. Adedayo Joseph, said that with the right policies in place, managing cancer among children would be much easier.

According to Joseph, with proper funding, more parents will be sensitised on the need to go for early screening for their sick children while health facilities in the country will also be better equipped to combat the scourge.

She said: “Funding is key in the fight against childhood cancer in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, government must adopt policies that provide easy access to quality treatment for children in this category. Many children die annually as a result of this problem.

“Also, healthcare workers need to be more proactive when it comes to detecting childhood cancers. There is nothing like screening for childhood cancers because there are several different types. There has to be a kind of policy directed to assist children.”

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