The Dorcas Cancer Foundation Impact

Welcome to TDCF

The Dorcas Cancer Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization founded in September 2015 to support children living with cancer in Nigeria and incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in March, 2016.
It was founded in memory of Dorcas Adepitan (May 29, 2003 – July 13, 2015), a young girl and cancer patient who succumbed to Osteosarcoma (a bone cancer) after a long and courageous battle.

The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that Childhood Cancer survival rate in Nigeria catches up to rates seen in the other parts of the developed world.

The foundation operates its mission on four key goals:

  • Research
  • Early detection
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Prompt and proper treatment


Recognized for our work and awarded The HEALTH ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR 2018 AWARD; MOST UNIQUE NGO 2018 AWARD; The CIVIL SOCIETY SDGs AWARD 2018 (SDG 3); and Department of Pediatrics UNILAG/CMUL/LUTH Award 2021 by 4 different organizations in recognition of our commitment and contribution to cancer survival in Nigeria.

Our Impact

Treatment Funding

Funded diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation for over 60 children diagnosed with cancer in Nigeria. We have several survivors who are now cancer-free and many more children who are still on treatment plus a long waiting list of children who need our support and urgent treatment.

Research Grant

Awarded three (3) research grantees with funding of $1,000 each on Childhood Cancer Research. The next research grant cycle will award N1million naira to a childhood cancer researcher in Nigeria and is set to be announced this September during the Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Pediatric Cancer Access Program

Providing completely free and uninterrupted cancer treatment to children from diagnosis, through surgery, chemo- and radiation therapy as well as prosthetic and other rehabilitation through direct partnerships with health care providers and institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and private industry.


Provided pediatric radiation Oncology training to over 250 specialist health care professionals in partnership with experts from institutions in some of the best hospitals in the world.

Look Again Campaign

Trained over 1000 Community and Primary Health Care Workers in Lagos, Ogun state and Oyo States on The 5 Signs & 5 Questions MethodTM, a tool developed and patented by the foundation to increase early cancer detection by at least 100%.

Virtual Look Again

During the pandemic, we commenced the remote version of the Look Again training which trained over 150 health care professionals attending from Nigeria and several other countries.

Childhood Cancer Handbook

Published the first Childhood Cancer Handbook in Nigeria; and has distributed over 1,000 copies to doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and families of child cancer patients.

Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)/Tumor

Supported the formation of the first Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT)/Tumor Board in Ogun state seated at the Federal Medical Center Abeokuta with 65 cancer caregivers (Oncologists, Radiologists, Oncology Nurses, Surgeons, Pathologists, and other health workers) in attendance.

Media Awareness

Media Awareness drives reaching an audience of over 2 million people through both local and international media stations (TV and Radio).

Support Group

Created the first childhood cancer support group in Nigeria, Hands of Gold and held Nine (9) Support group meetings with over 50 families and children living with cancer.

Cancer Caregivers Program

Trained over thirty (30) Cancer Caregivers through our Caregivers Workshop programs.

Treatment Navigation

Created the first treatment navigation program for childhood cancer patients and families in Nigeria.

Community Awareness/Advocacy

Successfully executed community programs in several locations in Southwest Nigeria – Ejigbo, Matogun, Mushin, Ibadan, Ogbomosho, and Abeokuta communities; where we reached over 1,500 families and individuals in Nigeria.

Blood Donation Drive

Partnered with an initiative to collect 375 pints of blood for children living with cancer and sickle cell disease.

Cancer and life choices lecture to over 100 senior secondary school students.

Presented the results from the first round of distribution of the Childhood Cancer Handbooks at the UICC World Cancer Congress 2018 in Malaysia.

Donated over 100 Care Kits (Comfort items) to the children on the Cancer wards of the two major teaching hospitals in Lagos.

Donated medical equipment to the children’s cancer wards of both the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) and the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) to improve the comfort and care of patients.


The Libra House Montessori School partnered with The Dorcas Cancer Foundation to take #Action4Kids through a walkathon in ikoyi Lagos. The Action4Kids project is an initiative of The Dorcas Cancer Foundation that enables individuals in the society to contribute within their capacity to support and raise awareness for childhood cancers in Nigeria.

Recognized for our work and awarded the HEALTH ORGANIZATION OF THE YEAR 2018 AWARD; MOST UNIQUE NGO 2018 AWARD; and the CIVIL SOCIETY SDGs AWARD 2018 (SDG 3) by 3 different organizations in recognition of our commitment and contribution to cancer survival in Nigeria.