Meet the Children

Zion's Cancer Journey

Zion was a 3-year-old boy diagnosed with Extra-ocular Retinoblastoma of the right eye in the year 2020. His father is a factory worker while his mom sells foodstuffs just outside their rented apartment but had to stop due to financial problems.

Zion started developing cataract-like symptoms in his right eye and also fever in February 2020 and had been through several treatments, surgery, and chemotherapy at different hospitals.

His treatment was halted during the COVID-19 but was resumed immediately the lockdown was called off. He had Surgery and Radiotherapy done in 2022 through the support of The Dorcas Cancer Foundation in partnership with the Bella Disu Foundation through our Pediatric Cancer Access Program (PCAP).

Zion was a very active child and had a high chance of survival. However, due to a brief illness before his next chemotherapy session, he gained his Angel Wings in September 2022.