Meet the Children

Perfect's Cancer Journey

Perfect is one of our tough little heroes. He is a gentle, jovial child who really knows how to crown his style with a signature pose. When he was 4, Perfect’s mom noticed a white flash in his eye one evening before bedtime. She thought it was just something random but still both parents to take him to the hospital the next day to have him checked out.

After examining him and running some tests, a CT scan showed cancer in his eye; this news came as a total shock to his parents, breaking them down. But they knew they had to be strong for their son. The doctor calmed and assured them that with early and prompt treatment, Perfect could overcome the cancer.

Perfect went through countless scans, blood tests, doctor visits, surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

Though the journey has been tough, Perfect has proved to be tougher! He has successfully completed his treatment and today he is a SURVIVOR.