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Muyiwa's Cancer Journey

Muyiwa’s journey with cancer began in September 2019, when he first got sick and his parents noticed a boil in his testicles which they overlooked as “normal”

The pain became severe and the size kept on increasing and he was immediately taken to the hospital, where checks were carried out and it was discovered a lump in the testicles. After series of tests, scans, and biopsies, Muyiwa has diagnosed with Stage II Testicular Cancer.

Recent test results show that Muyiwa would require aggressive uninterrupted treatment.

Muyiwa is poised to have an excellent prognosis and can beat cancer to become a survivor through proper and prompt treatment.

His favorite food is Rice and wishes to become an oncologist so he can save children sick with cancer also.

Muyiwa needs your support to Live. Help give him a lifetime

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