Meet the Children

Joseph's Cancer Journey

Joseph’s symptoms were early noticed. Joseph, an eight-year-old boy was diagnosed of Nephroblastoma (cancer of the kidney) in 2017. On a fateful Friday, he came out of school, and told his mummy that his tummy was hurting, after which his mother gave him some local herbs thinking it was just a sign of pile.

The pain became severe and his mother noticed a mass in his stomach. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where tests were carried out and it was discovered he had a tumor in his kidney. After series of tests and scan, Joseph was diagnosed with Stage I Nephroblastoma (Cancer of the Kidney).
Joseph gets bored quickly and likes to stay active but his cancer diagnosis really affected him. His greatest desire is to be healed so he can go back to school and play with his friends.

Joseph is currently out of treatment and has beaten cancer to become a survivor through prompt and proper treatment. Joseph favorite food is Eba (a Nigerian staple) and any kind of stew/soup.