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Godstime's Cancer Journey

Ependymoma is a type of cancer that affects the brain and spinal cord. It begins in the ependymal cells in the brain that lines the passageways where the fluid (cerebrospinal fluid) that nourishes your brain flows.

This is the story of Godstime, a cheerful 10-year-old boy from Edo State, Nigeria. One afternoon in February 2022, Godstime suddenly developed a fever and stomach pains and was throwing up so his parents gave him some over-the-counter medications at home.

The very next day, his fever became so unbearable that the mum had to take him to the hospital where he received treatment but his fever didn’t stop. His mum took him to several hospitals and in the course of that he had an appendectomy but nothing improved.

Months later, Godstime was transferred to a specialist hospital where he was diagnosed with Ependymoma. Having spent a lot of money on his treatment, his parents, both low-income earners, had to travel from Edo State to Lagos State, Nigeria, to seek better treatment. Godstime’s mum had to travel with him and have since spent millions of naira on his treatment.

Godstime has commenced his treatment; he has gotten surgery to remove the tumor in his brain and radiation therapy. He awaits chemotherapy to complete his treatment and TDCF is working with him on this journey. He is poised to have a good prognosis and can beat cancer to become a survivor through proper and prompt treatment.

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