Meet the Children

Francis' Cancer Journey

In early August 2022, Francis became sick with symptoms of vomiting, fatigue, and minor headaches. His mother took him to the hospital where he was treated for malaria and given some drugs.

Unfortunately, after several medications and no improvement in his health, his doctor referred him to a teaching hospital where he was diagnosed with Cranial Germ cell (brain) tumor in September 2022. His diagnosis was a great blow to his family who had to sell their properties to pay his medical bills.

His parents spent millions of naira on his treatment in just a short period. Francis went through series of chemotherapy, including radiotherapy and surgery.

Francis was a smart boy, who loved playing with his motor toys and bicycles. He desired to be one of Nigeria’s foremost police intelligence officers.
Unfortunately, Francis gained his angel wings in December 2022; our prayers continue to be with his parents.