From The Founder’s Desk

From The Founder's Desk

adedayo Joseph

Founder, TDCF

For over one decade of serving in the medical field, I have witnessed an array of events and experiences that relate to the way the patients themselves experience cancer, both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

At the same time, I have also discovered that by listening to patients’ stories much can be accomplished with acts of kindness, support and words of encouragement. The one thing every cancer patient has in common is the need for hope.

The number one concern of each patient is to beat his or her battle with cancer (young or old). It is of equal importance though for them to know that during this period they will need to undergo treatment and in turn this will affect their day-to-day lives. Simple and given moments and aspects of their daily routines will change drastically as patients will need to come to terms with their new reality.

Our goal at TDCF is to help with Research, Early Detection, Accurate Diagnosis and Prompt and proper treatment as we support and educate on the care that is needed for such patients as well as raising awareness to a greater audience in terms of how this disease can affect entire communities.

In the meantime, we also seek to raise awareness about preventative action that you can implement as reflected in our Look Again Campaign and awareness programs. Furthermore, our website and social media pages offers immediate access to vital information.

To date, THE DORCAS CANCER FOUNDATION has printed informative pamphlets on “Cancer In Children” as well as a handbook with practical information concerning cancer in children, all of which have been distributed to over 1000 individuals, families, health institutions/professionals. All handbooks and pamphlets are free of charge.

Our hope lives with the millions of people worldwide who look towards a day when research will unlock the doors of sound effective prevention and a cure for all cancers. Until that day comes, we press forward to assist those for whom research is too late. Our vision and mission were born from experiences of children with cancer and survivors and embodies our commitment to those we seek to serve today and for many generations to come. We hope you will join us!

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dr. adedayo Joseph