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Board Member: Mr. Olumiyiwa Olaonipeku

Father to a Survivor – Timothy Olaonipekun 

Olumuyiwa Olaonipekun, a trained engineer, bears the title of a devoted father and a pillar of strength. His journey into parenthood became a testament to unwavering love and resilience when his son, Timothy Olaonipekun, emerged victorious as a childhood cancer survivor.

As a widower, Mr. Olaonipekun made remarkable sacrifices, dedicating every ounce of his earnings to ensure his son triumphed over cancer. He stood resolute by Timothy’s side, collaborating closely with healthcare professionals to ensure the most effective treatment.

With a profound understanding of what it takes to care for a child battling cancer, Mr. Olaonipekun has emerged as a beacon of hope. He has taken on the role of a parent counselor, generously sharing his invaluable experience and wisdom with parents facing similar challenges. His dedication extends to counselling childhood cancer survivors, offering them guidance and support as they navigate their unique journeys.