About Us

Board Member: Dr. Mrs. Abimbola Ogundere

Dr. Abimbola Banu-Ogundere is a Medical Doctor and teacher. She graduated from the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos in 2006 and attended the reputable University of London in 2008 where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Public Health.

In 2009, led by her passion to impart knowledge and to change the face of education in Surulere, Lagos, she founded The Kids’ Court School. Kids Court School has grown to be a reputable learning institution in Lagos, producing well mannered, well rounded, excellent pupils ready to take their place in the world. Abimbola is very passionate about children learning the right things, the right way and in the right environment.

Her love for continuous professional development and her belief in self-directed learning led her to enroll at the North American Montessori Centre in Canada where she got her Montessori diploma to teach nursery and primary children.

She also attended the University of Roehampton where she received a Postgraduate diploma in Educational Leadership. Abimbola is a staunch advocate for continuous self-development and being your best self.

In 2016, she founded the Knowledge Cocoon, a coaching company dedicated to helping individuals realize and achieve their full potential. In 2017, she founded Learning AS I Teach, a teacher training initiative dedicated to improving learners’ outcome across Africa one teacher at a time. She beliefs that teachers are the foundation of any educational institution.

She is a member of AMEN (Association of Montessori Educators in Nigeria), Havilah School owners group and SESN (Schools Empowerment and Support Network) which she co-founded.

Abimbola loves God passionately and is happily married with 3 children.