Dr. Mrs. Adedayo Joseph (Director)


Dr. (Mrs.) Adedayo Joseph is a Clinical Radiation Oncologist who is committed to improving the survival rates of cancer patients in Nigeria.
She is a member of several international oncology associations and is constantly updating her vast database of cancer knowledge with frequent attendance of international cancer conferences, courses, and trainings.
She is a founding board member, and the director of The Dorcas Cancer Foundation; a Non-Profit Organization providing help to children with cancer in Nigeria; and the medical director of Visiting Medical Services Ltd; a convenience health care service aimed at providing off-site and accessible patient care experiences in the Lagos area.

She is also a board member and consultant at The Pediatric Center, a leading children’s hospital set in the Lekki Region of Lagos State.
Dr. Joseph is an active member of several non-profit organizations and an avid promoter of women’s health issues, advancement of healthcare in Nigeria, and youth empowerment. She mentors several young women and men in both medical and non-medical fields.

Dr. Joseph is an avid reader and is known to all her family and friends for her love of reading & studying. She loves old movies, and enjoys travelling for conferences and discovering new places.
She is a wife and mother; who places God and family first in all her endeavors.