2018 Events

Support Group: February 2018

Feb, 2018

TDCF Support group is a monthly forum where we give psychosocial support, counseling and medical advice to families dealing with cancer. The meeting is for children who are currently battling or have completed treatment for childhood cancer.

The meeting is open to any child under 18 years with proof of a cancer diagnosis from any part of the country; with one accompanying parent or ward.

A team consisting of a Pediatric Oncologist, Clinical & Radiation Oncologist, Social worker, General Practitioner, Psychiatrist, Nurse, Behavioral therapist, and other medical professionals are on hand to answer questions, give advice and counsel.

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Golden Moments: A Meet and Greet Event

4 Feb, 2018

The Dorcas Cancer Foundation is pleased to invite you to GOLDEN MOMENTS! A meet and greet event holding on Sunday, 4th of February, 2018.

This is an open event for anyone interested in meeting the team working to take down childhood cancer. It would bring together Cancer Advocates, Cancer Survivors, Cancer Doctors, Donors, Diagnostic Service Providers, Cancer Researchers, People living with Cancer, Childhood Cancer Partners, Oncologists, Volunteers, Organizations, everyone and anyone who would like to make a difference in kicking out cancer in Nigeria.

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2017 Events

Christmas Party at LUTH

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Childhood Cancer Handbook Series Launch

22 Sept, 2017

We would be launching our set of new handbooks titled
– When a child has Cancer
– Chemotherapy in Children
– Radiotherapy in Children

These books will help answer many questions that parents, family members and doctors of children with cancer often have.

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Sing September

Sept 1 – 30, 2017

# SingSeptember Challenge : A challenge to raise awareness about Childhood Cancer.
How to Join
– Record a short video of yourself singing any children’s Nursery rhyme of your choice.
– Upload the video on Instagram with the hash tags #singseptember #childrenaregold #childhoodcancermonth
– Kindly tag us at @thedorcascancerfoundation on Instagram.
– Invite your friends do like and repost your video
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Bone Tumor Month

July, 2017

In memory of Dorcas who succumbed to a long battle with osteosarcoma, we would be sponsoring at least one child with a bone cancer; raise funds to drive research into childhood bone tumor and carry out bone tumor awareness campaign.

Care Kit Program

May 27, 2017

To celebrate children’s day, The Dorcas Cancer Foundation launched our Care Kit Program. We distributed Care Kits to children on admission in the Children’s Oncology wards of two major hospitals in Lagos State. The care kits comprised of backpacks, water bottles, story books, coloring books, crayons, colorful blankets, toys and more.

Subsequently, children diagnosed with cancer will receive a TDCF Care kit upon admission to the wards.

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Zero Discrimination Day

March 1, 2017

On this day, we used our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) to engage the public about Discrimination against the Female child; especially in terms of healthcare.

World Cancer day

February 4, 2017

In February, on World Cancer Day, we ran a social media campaign entitled #YesWeCan. The idea of our #YesWeCan February campaign was inspired by the unity and collaboration that lies at the heart of World Child Cancer’s work.

2016 Events

12 Days of Christmas

December, 2016

Join us as we commit to funding treatment for 12 children who are fighting for their hopes, their dreams and their lives!

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – All Gold Everything

September, 2016

Join us in September as we celebrate the heroes, who have battled childhood cancer and survived, as well as the angels who unfortunately succumbed to the disease. Let us raise awareness about childhood cancer and kick it to the curb!

Zero Percent Campaign

1 July, 2016

In the month of July, TDCF will be engaging cancer stakeholders like hospitals, the MOH, and private organizations in a bid to drive home the dismal survival rate of paediatric cancer in Nigeria. It is our hope that the Zero% Campaign will be a call to action to all cancer stakeholders.

6 for six

10 May, 2016

A TDCF initiative inviting corporate organizations all over Nigeria to help fund six cycles of cancer therapy for 6 young heroes battling cancer.

Children’s day: #DontLookAway

27 May, 2016

Children’s day: #DontLookAway. An awareness campaign to drive home the unpleasant truths about the state of childhood cancer in Nigeria. Visit any of our online pages and please #DontLookAway

ICCD Campaign: International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day

Feb 15 – 22 2016

From the 15th to the 22nd of February. The public logged onto any of The Dorcas Cancer Foundation social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter) to learn the early/warning signs of childhood cancer and have any questions regarding children and cancer answered.

Valentine Day Kids Party

14 February, 2016

Valentine’s Kid’s party in collaboration with PROJECT FEED, an NGO focused on feeding the children living in the streets on Nigeria. In association with Project Feed, The Dorcas Cancer Foundation organised a party on Valentine’s Day to bring love and joy to children living with cancer.

World Cancer Day

4 February, 2016

In celebration of the World Cancer Day, Seven prominent cancer NGO’s in Nigeria united to increase their impact under the #Collabo4Cancer umbrella. Collabo4Cancer’s objective was to promote and unite collaborative efforts towards the creation of awareness, education and advocacy of Cancer to the public.