Children Cancer Journey: Perfect

Perfect’s Cancer Journey

The First week of march 2009, Perfect came back from school with his eye red and swollen, he was not do with home work or sleep. This went on for few days before his mother noticed his eye lid was kind of bulging out more than usual. Perfect mother decided to take him to the hospital to have him checked out. In her mind, he just had an eye itch or a minor eye infection, as he commonly had. Some test and x-rays was done on the eye and The x-rays came back showing something unusual.

The doctor ordered a CT scan and the results showed cancer of the eyes , this news broke down her parent, the mother in particular. The doctor calm the parent and assured them that with early and prompt treatment, perfect will overcome the illness. 3-year old Perfect is one of our tough little heroes. He is a gentle, jovial child who really knows how to crown his style with a signature pose. Perfect has been through countless scans, blood tests, doctor visits, surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy

Though the journey has been tough, but perfect has proved to be tougher, he has successfully complete his treat and his currently on follow up.

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