Children Cancer Journey: Divine

Divine’s Cancer Journey

Divine (5 years old) is a gentle and loving girl; the first child of the family who takes her role as big sister very seriously. Divine was diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma in April 2017. Divine could not begin treatment for her curable condition because her family simply could not afford the high cost of the treatment. Her disease grew and Divine deteriorated.

Divine’s mother lost her business because she had to abandon her trading to care for her daughter in the hospital; her father who is a tricycle operator (keke Napep) could not do much. This calm little girl has gone through a lot and already thinks and acts far beyond her years. She loves her parents so much and feels so deeply for them; that she would hide her pain because she doesn’t want them to worry. Her deepest desire is to be well, so that she can go back to school and her parents can have rest.

Divine loves gospel music and her favorite music artist is Tope Alabi! Her favorite food is rice and she loves to watch “Sofia the first”.

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