Children Cancer Journey: Blessing

Blessing’s Cancer Journey

Blessing (5 years old) loves to watch Tom and Jerry. She always laughs happily at the cat and mouse antics. Blessing’s right eye suddenly became swollen and red one day. She was treated for eye infections repeatedly over several months before she was diagnosed her diagnosis of Rhabdomyosarcoma of the left orbit in July 2017.

Blessing has gone through scans, blood tests, hospital admission, surgery, chemotherapy and even radiation therapy. Her grandmother who takes care of her, finally ran out of funds and Blessing’s cancer treatment was abandoned
Grandma has been unable to continue with her petty trade so as to take care of the child and while Blessing’s mother has been doing the run around for money to save her daughter’s life.

Blessing’s greatest desire is to get better so that she can watch her “tom and jerry” and eat Eba her favorite food.

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