Children Cancer Journey: Arireoluwa

Arireoluwa’s Cancer Journey

Have you ever met a child so full of life and energy that the only time he stops is to flash you a big, bright smile? This describes Arireoluwa a 4-year old boy, diagnosed with Wilms’ tumor of the right kidney in January 2017.

Arireoluwa’s #cancerjourney started in January 2017 when he fell sick with a swollen stomach, he was taken to the hospital and he was diagnosed of Wilms’ tumor.

The journey has not been easy, his mother, a fashion designer had to abandon her business to stay with her first child in the hospital and his father a truck dealer has spent all he has to get Arireoluwa back on his feet, Arireoluwa’s siblings have been left in care of his mother’s sister in Ibadan.

Arireoluwa has been through tests and scans, surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy; yet the journey is far from over. Arireoluwa loves to ride his bicycle, And to eat rice but these days he has no energy for sports or even food.

Arireoluwa is a Go Getter, he wants to become a doctor so he can help little children who get sick just like his doctors have helped him.

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